Lent Devotion - Day 31

Have you ever had a habit in your life that you needed to break, or tried to develop a habit that you needed to build? For the past five weeks, you have worked hard to build good habits. You have been developing the habits of Bible study, prayer, meditation, acts of service, learning from giants of the faith, and memorizing scripture.

Lent Devotion - Day 24

Worry comea in all shapes and sizes. Some worries may be small and insignificant when compared to the big picture of life, but seem impossible to overcome in the pressure of the moment. Other times, there are difficult circumstances that come up or big decisions that need to be made which causes legitimate worry. Thankfully, God’s Word provides some incredible solutions for all the worry that you have in your life, both big and small.

Lent Devotion - Day 10

Do you know what your name means? If the baby book definition of your name popped up in your head, then you are misunderstanding the question. What does your name mean to people in your life? If a group of your friends was together and your name came up, what would your name mean to the people in that conversation? What would come to their minds? If your family began to have a conversation about you, what would your name mean to them? Though this might seem like a silly statement, it is important to realize that when your name is mentioned, people think of you.