Lent Devotion - Day 30

Today the goal is to continue to develop the spiritual discipline of prayer. As you learn how to communicate with the Lord, the challenge is to spend a lifetime building a deep and meaningful prayer life. Learning to connect with God is a critical step to being a follower of Christ.

Lent Devotion - Day 23

Today is an important step in building a life that walks with God and contributes to people around you. Your assignment is to spend the next 20 minutes engaging God in prayer.

Lent Devotion - Day 16

All of us in our finite condition struggle to grasp the magnificence of the infinite Creator of the Universe. The Scriptures reveal God as a spaceless, timeless, immaterial and super-powerful, and personal Being that you can not only know, but you can connect with on a daily basis. Communication through prayer is one of the most important vehicles mankind can connect with this Creator. In order to truly understand prayer, you must first realize that God really is listening and paying attention to you. Though you cannot see Him with your physical eyes, rest assured, your words are not hitting the ceiling or falling on deaf ears. Your prayers are being heard. You really can have confidence when you go to God in prayer today. As you come to the Lord with repentant spirit and a willingness to obey, you will move closer to His heart and His will for your life.