Only the Best

The good is always the enemy of the best. Missing the best is never worth all the other good things, and the good things can be really good. Actively serving the Lord is a really good thing. Martha was a good servant and she was so pleased to have the Lord Jesus in her home for a meal. You probably would be, also.

Babies and Adults

What differences exist between babies and adults? Aside from the obvious (size and speech) one major difference is the ability to clean and feed one’s self. The same is true spiritually. Spiritual babes require soft food and someone to feed them, while adults feed themselves and enjoy solid food.

You Are What You Eat

The words of the doctor were frank and forceful. “You are what you eat”, he said. “If you would change your blood sugar, your blood pressure, and the level of pain in your knees, you must change your eating habits.”