Lent Devotion - Day 38

Tomorrow is Passion week and our Lent season study will shift tomorrow morning to a focused preparation for Easter Sunday. However, before the focus turns to resurrection Sunday, today you are completing your final experience building the discipline of study focused on the miracles of Jesus.

Lent Devotion - Day 36

Today, the Lent season continues to focus on developing the discipline of studying God’s Word. Think for a moment about how you have been studying the miracles of Jesus over the past few weeks. Every study experience so far has guided you to approach the Scriptures differently than the other disciplines you are building.

Lent Devotion - Day 29

Today you continue the season of Lent by working to build the discipline of Bible study. By now, you have probably noticed that the Bible can sometimes be difficult to read, hard to understand and challenging to apply to your life. Is it possible that God intended for His Word to be somewhat of a challenge for us?